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Chevy Year End Sale begins at Chevrolet of Naperville

By Admin | Posted in Uncategorized on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 at 8:38 PM
Chevy year end sale in naperville, iL

Chevy Year End Sale in Naperville, IL

Chevrolet of Naperville is all but falling over themselves to clear out space from the in-house inventory. Announced today (Dec. 16) and running through the end of the year, all available 2014 and 2015 models of the Chevy Cruze, Impala, Camaro and Sonic (in selected trims) are eligible for having 20 percent knocked off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. These models represent some of the most popular and sought after of any vehicle in our inventory. Chevrolet of Naperville wasted no time in wanting to make sure people would be interested in getting behind the wheel of one of these excellent vehicles during the Chevy Year End Sale in Naperville, IL. Read the rest of this entry »

Release date of the 2015 Chevy Trax coming soon

By Admin | Posted in Chevy Trax on Monday, December 15th, 2014 at 6:00 PM
Release date of the 2015 Chevy Trax

Release date of the 2015 Chevy Trax

The 2015 model-year has been a very valuable learning experience for Chevy, as well as for dealers like Chevrolet of Naperville. Among the valuable lessons that have been conveyed to our sales professionals is that people aren’t necessarily looking for the biggest vehicle available in any given class. But they certainly still demand performance and capability. This has been evident with the success of the Chevy 4G LTE wifi hotspot and 2015 Chevy Colorado. With the release date of the 2015 Chevy Trax getting closer, we feel customers will continue to flock toward this new crossover SUV with slim dimensions, quick handling and plenty of capability. Read the rest of this entry »

Need help finding an ugly sweater? Chevrolet of Naperville has answers

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where to find an ugly sweater

Where to find an Ugly Sweater

This time of year is full of holiday celebrations, company outings and get-togethers with friends. However the really big event on the calendar is your annual “Ugly Sweater Party.” This is phenomenon that is seemingly unstoppable and is predicted to overtake Black Friday as a major news item by 2016. This probably isn’t true, however, a brief survey of the Chevrolet of Naperville Blog staff has shown that 98 percent of us have at least been invited to an Ugly Sweater Party in the last three years. If you will be taking part in this particular social obligation, you will need to know where to find an ugly sweater. Luckily, the internet is there to solve our problems for us. Read the rest of this entry »

2015 Colorado Truck of the Year says Motor Trend

By Admin | Posted in Chevy Colorado on Thursday, December 11th, 2014 at 10:41 PM
2015 Colorado Truck of the Year

2015 Colorado Truck of the Year

Even though the 2015 Chevy Colorado has only been available at Chevrolet of Naperville for a very short period of time, it has really sent shockwaves through the pickup truck class of the global automotive industry. Chevy has such a hit on their hands that Motor Trend named the 2015 Colorado Truck of the Year for the current model-year. This was not easy path for the new midsize pickup truck. In order to reach the top, the Chevy Colorado had to beat out the its GMC twin, the Canyon as well as offerings full-size offering from Ford, that seem to always do well. Read the rest of this entry »

New 2015 Corvette Z06 on its way to Naperville

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2015 Corvette Z06 coming to Naperville

New 2015 Corvette Z06 is coming to Naperville

There are a number of injustices that come with living in northern Illinois during the winter. Chevy fans suffer among the worst of those because the new Corvettes seem to always arrive when the weather is least conducive to enjoying everything about the vehicle. This particular blog post leaves us in a good news/bad news type of situation. The good news is that first shipment of the 2015 Corvette Z06 will be arriving to Chevrolet of Naperville very soon. The bad news is, it’s still mid-December in the upper midwest and driving a nearly $80,000 machine in the snow, slush and salt is just not good money management. Read the rest of this entry »

Chevrolet of Naperville blood drive starts next week

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CON top 1203

Blood Drive in Naperville, IL

You can give someone the best present ever without spending a dime when you participate in the blood drive in Naperville, IL at Chevrolet of Naperville next week. On Dec. 10 from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. the Heartland Blood Center mobile donation unit will park in the Chevrolet of Naperville lot and take blood from eligible donors that will be used in the blood supply at local hospitals in the area for a number of different life saving procedures from transfusions to bone marrow transplants. Anyone 16 years old (with written parent/guardian permission) can donate blood provided they are in good health and weigh at least 110 pounds. You can schedule an appointment to participate in the blood drive by clicking the button below. Read the rest of this entry »

New Chevrolet of Naperville contest underway

By Admin | Posted in News on Monday, December 1st, 2014 at 4:32 PM
Last-Minute Holiday Giveaway! in Dan Wolf Automotive’s Hangs on LockerDome

Free Downtown Naperville Gift Cards

The details have been finalized for the December social media contest at Chevrolet of Naperville. Just like how we gave away concert tickets for Lollapalooza and free tickets to a Bears game, we are giving away free money in the form of a Free Downtown Naperville Gift Card worth $300. This will allow you to get a small break on some last minute holiday shopping at some of the 150 shops, restaurants and boutiques that populate our award-winning downtown space. The other option you have with the Free Downtown Naperville Gift Card you can win is to have the ultimate re-gift-gift that out performs any fruitcake or label maker. Simply click on the link on in the graphic on the top of this blog. Read the rest of this entry »

Chevy Cruze slides past Nissan Versa, time remains for sale

By Admin | Posted in Chevy Cruze on Saturday, November 29th, 2014 at 2:00 PM
2015 Chevy Cruze vs. 2015 Nissan Versa Sedan

2015 Chevy Cruze vs. 2015 Nissan Versa Sedan

There are still a couple of days left to take part in the Chevy Black Friday Sale at Chevrolet of Naperville. There are a lot of specials going on through the end of business on Monday when the sale ends. Almost the entire Chevy inventory has some kind of special for financing and/or leasing attached to it. The 2015 Chevy lineup is one of the strongest in recent memory and has been blowing people away with its wide availability of the 4G LTE wifi hotspot. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling this holiday season, having this ace up your sleeve may be the trick to keeping restless children of all ages quiet on long trips to visit family.

2015 Chevy CruzeOne of the most popular vehicles that is being offered on special for the Chevy Black Friday Sale at Chevrolet of Naperville is the 2015 Chevy Cruze. This compact sedan has everything it needs to be more than a match for one its chief competitors in the 2015 Nissan Versa Sedan. The Chevy Cruze really has no trouble overtaking the Nissan Versa. It has more horsepower, producing 138 horsepower to the 109 available from the Nissan car while still getting the same amount of fuel-economy.

The 2015 Chevy Cruze also has a few tangible items that are clearly better than the 2015 Nissan Versa Sedan. First, the Chevy Cruze offers a larger trunk, which happens to be among the biggest in the class. Also, the fact that the 2015 Cruze continues to use a traditional transmission means that the intrusive noise coming from the Nissan’s continuously variable transmission isn’t an issue. In fact, the 2015 Cruze offers one of the quietest passenger cabins in the class.

If you would like to take a closer look at the 2015 Chevy Cruze or have questions about the remaining days of the Chevy Black Friday sale, please make an appointment with a Chevrolet of Naperville sales professional.

Black Friday shopping apps offer advantages

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Black friday shopping apps

Black Friday Shopping Apps

You are surely already half way done with your Black Friday shopping now, but just in case you find yourself at a crossroads and have run out of ideas. We have come across some Black Friday shopping apps that might be able to help you today and likely for the remainder of the Christmas shopping season. Take a minute, get off your feet for a while and read about some of hidden gems that might give you the edge of the hoards of shoppers that haven’t quite learned about the power of a smartphone yet. Every advantage should be used during times like these. Read the rest of this entry »

Chevrolet of Naperville previews December giveaway

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gift cards for downtown Naperville

Gift cards for downtown Naperville

Many of you out there are gearing up for a shopping season like a football players prepares for a game. You will have devised a strategy, formed a team; you might even have a playbook. Chevrolet of Naperville is going to be offering a chance for you to take a little pressure off of yourself. Just like when we were giving away the Lollapalooza tickets over the summer or the free Bears tickets last month; we are launching a new social media campaign for December. This one will feature gift cards for downtown Naperville shops. The winner will get a gift card filled with enough money to really enjoy themselves and maybe even pick up an extra gift or two. Read the rest of this entry »