Ron Westphal Chevrolet vs Chevrolet of Naperville

When it comes to finding a reputable new car dealership that will suit your every need, it is important to understand that not all dealerships are created equal. On the one hand, there are car dealerships that treat you with respect, and on the other, there are dealerships that treat you with disdain. As certain dealer locations go out of their way to make you feel like a person, there are just as many car dealerships that go out of their way to treat you like a number. Even well reviewed locations can be prone to a poorly executed customer service experience, which is why it is so important to learn more about the new car dealer you end up with, and avoid the ones that make you feel unimportant.

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Ron Westphal Chevrolet vs. Chevrolet of Naperville

The perfect example of how difficult it can be to choose a dealership for your next new car purchase is right here in the Naperville and Aurora, Illinois area. Ron Westphal Chevy and Chevy of Naperville are two highly regarded Chevrolet dealerships located in the western suburbs of Chicago. At first glance, both of these locations seem to have it together: Excellent online reviews, the exact same hours, and they even happen to be located on the same highway. Despite these similarities, there is a long list of reasons why new and used Chevrolet buyers are turning to the expert team at Chevy of Naperville, and skipping over the one at Ron Westphal Chevy.


When Good Reviews Aren’t Enough

Thanks to the vastly connected world we know live in, it’s easier than ever before to find real reviews written by actual customers of various types of businesses. While some of these reviews can be petty and over exaggerated in nature, the bulk of them have proven highly successful in helping people find a reputable local business to work with. As important as it is to ensure that the restaurant where you dine is in high standing, it is even more critical to confirm that the car dealership you buy your next car from is highly regarded as well.

But, what happens when you look at two different dealerships, which sell the same type of cars and are both well-reviewed? Great reviews mean a lot, but they don’t mean everything. When faced with this particular circumstance, it pays to dig a little deeper to uncover more about each of the car dealerships in question.


Other Factors to Consider

When choosing between two well-reviewed Chevy dealerships, it’s important to still weigh your options prior to making a decision. The best way to do this is to dig deeper and find out more about each location. Let’s take a look at how two well reviewed dealerships, Ron Westphal Chevrolet and Chevrolet of Naperville, compare in other areas of importance.

  • Location: Despite the fact that these two Chevy dealers are technically on the same road, they are located just shy of 24 miles apart from one another. While Chevrolet of Naperville is physically closer to downtown Chicago and other large suburbs in the area, Ron Westphal Chevy is further west, located closer to the more rural areas of Chicagoland. Both locations are fairly easy to get to from major interstates, although Chevy of Naperville tends to have the advantage of being centrally located between I-88, I-355, I-55, and I-294. As well reviewed as Ron Westphal Chevrolet may be, one of its major downsides is the location. Directly on their website, there is a page dedicated solely to finding their showroom, which Google Maps and other navigation systems can’t seem to get right. While this may not be a deal breaker for some shoppers, it can turn into a headache and hours of wrong turns, for others.
  • Facility: Both of these Chevrolet dealerships offer a state-of-the-art service center, and GM-implemented programs to help new car owners and potential ones alike. Chevy of Naperville takes things a step further, however. Their exclusive Pit Pass Program grants every car buyer at Chevrolet of Naperville a physical Pit Pass card, which allows them the ability to drive up to the dealership’s service center for a quick check and fluid top off. Whether you’re headed out of town on an extended road trip, or simply need to top off windshield wiper fluid, this complimentary service is only available at Chevrolet of Naperville. Another thing that allows Chevrolet of Naperville to stand apart from Ron Westphal Chevrolet, is the comprehensive Naperville Test Track. Chevy of Naperville is the only Chevrolet dealership that has access to this sprawling outdoor test track, which is comprised of hills, various terrain, sharp turns, and long stretches of paved road. Every car shopper at Chevy of Naperville gets a chance to take a test drive on this exclusive track, which can’t be found anywhere else – not even at Ron Westphal Chevrolet.
  • Customer Relations: The expert team at Chevrolet of Naperville realized that female shoppers are traditionally uneasy with the car buying process. Not because they aren’t competent, but because they have been treated unfairly by dealer salesmen and finance team members at dealerships across the nation. Chevrolet of Naperville recognized this injustice, and decided to do something about it. After specialized and extensive training, Chevrolet of Naperville was awarded the Women’s Choice Award because 9 out of 10 of their female customers surveyed, highly recommended the service and treatment they received. With a special emphasis placed on making all customers feel equal, Chevrolet of Naperville is standing out in a way that Ron Westphal Chevrolet does not.
  • Community Involvement: For some people, learning more about a dealership’s community outreach and generosity can mean a lot when deciding between two different locations. To this end, both Chevy of Naperville and Ron Westphal Chevrolet are active in their communities, albeit on different levels. On the one hand, Ron Westphal Chevy donates financial support to the local Relay for Life event, which is held once a year in towns across the country by the American Cancer Society. They also state on their website that they are part of a bi-annual blood drive with the Heartland Blood Center, and are active in a few other local organizations like the Oswego park district and little leagues. On the other hand, Chevrolet of Naperville is deeply connected to a local organization that helps area families cope with the difficulties of raising a child with autism. The Turning Pointe Autism Foundation was started by members of the Dan Wolf Automotive Group, the same company that owns Chevy of Naperville. With a career center, school, activity center, and more – this organization has a major positive presence in the Fox Valley area, and Chevrolet of Naperville proudly supports their efforts in every way imaginable. When it comes to the issue of community involvement, both dealerships seem interested in helping out, but Chevy of Naperville is more committed to helping the actual community of Naperville and its local families in need. Ron Westphal Chevy, on the other hand, is invested in corporate charities that disperse funds throughout the country, and do not necessarily help the community in which they operate.


The Choice is Easy: Chevrolet of Naperville

Located at 1515 W. Ogden Avenue in Naperville, Illinois – Chevrolet of Naperville is a dealership you can trust for all of your car buying needs. Staffed by an exceptional team of individuals who always put the needs of customers first, shopping for your next new car, truck, or SUV at Chevrolet of Naperville will be the best decision you make all year. Resolve to make this year great and head over to the highly rated Chevrolet of Naperville, today.

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