What is HomeLink®?

2020 Chevy Trax

Chevy offers a technology called HomeLink®, which is a wireless control system within your Chevy vehicle. With HomeLink® installed, you can remotely control the following functions:

  • Open and close garage doors or gates
  • Turn on or off both interior and exterior lights at your house
  • Activate or deactivate home security systems

Still wondering, “what is HomeLink®”? The experts at Chevrolet Of Naperville near Aurora have you covered! Follow our handy guide below if you’d like to learn more about programming the HomeLink® system.

The Perks of Using Chevy HomeLink®

Many Bolingbrook drivers may still be wondering “what is HomeLink®”? Whether you drive a Chevrolet Malibu, Silverado, Traverse, or anything in-between, you can benefit from HomeLink® connectivity to control various at-home features remotely. Here are the benefits HomeLink® provides:

  • Compatibility: The feature is compatible with nearly any garage door opener or gate system! It also works well with various other radio-frequency (RF) controlled devices, so there are plenty of possibilities. It can also work with up to three devices.
  • Easy to Use: All you need to do is press a couple of buttons to control lights or garage doors once you’ve finished programming HomeLink®!
  • Safety and Security: If you program HomeLink® to connect with your garage door opener, the system will alert you if your garage door has been left open. You can also access HomeLink® apps on your phone that let you control other devices in the home, including lights or a security system.
  • No Batteries: When you use this system, you won’t need to worry about changing batteries every so often — it’s integrated right into your vehicle’s electrical system!

Programming the HomeLink® System

Programming HomeLink® is actually incredibly easy — any Bolingbrook driver will be able to do it! Follow these steps and you’ll have the system ready to go in no time:

  • Locate the three HomeLink® buttons (commonly found on the ceiling of the car above the center console).
  • Press and hold down the first and third buttons. You may release the buttons when the interior lights of your car flash (this typically takes about 20 seconds).
  • Next, press and hold the button you want to program while holding the open/close button of your garage door opener at the same time. When the lights flash again, you’ll know that programming is complete!
  • Press the newly programmed button for at least two seconds. At this point, the lights on your garage door opener may flash — this means that you’re all set!

Learn More About Chevy Technology with Chevrolet Of Naperville!

Here at Chevrolet Of Naperville, it’s our goal to educate Romeoville customers even after they’ve driven home in their dream Chevy vehicle!  Now that you know more about what HomeLink® is, we’re happy to help you learn even more about Chevy technology and information. Whether you have questions about HomeLink®, Teen Driver Technology, or Chevy MyLink, we have you covered. We look forward to helping you learn more about the Chevy brand!


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