Chevrolet Lease Return

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As you approach the final months of your lease term, it’s time to explore your Chevrolet lease return options to find the path that’s best for you. Read our guide below for answers to your questions about the Chevy lease return policy, how to prepare your vehicle for return, and buying vs. leasing your next new Chevy in Naperville.

Discover Your Lease-End Options

When you return your current leased Chevy vehicle, you have three options: trading in for a new Chevy lease, buying your leased vehicle, or simply returning your leased vehicle.

Lease a New Chevrolet Vehicle

If you’re ready to enjoy the latest Chevrolet tech features (and live that new-car experience all over again) you can trade-in your leased vehicle for a new one. Use our online lease calculator to figure out your new lease budget.

Buy Your Leased Vehicle

If you’ve fallen in love with your Chevrolet lease, returning it doesn’t feel like an option! Fortunately, you can decide to purchase your leased vehicle at any point during your lease term. Get in touch with your Bolingbrook-area Chevy dealership for details!

Return Your Vehicle

If now isn’t the right time to buy a new Chevrolet or purchase your leased vehicle, there’s no pressure to do so! Simply return your vehicle to the dealership at the end of your lease term.

Pre-Return Inspection

Chevy lease return policy requires a  pre-return inspection within 120 days of lease-end. This inspection will determine if there’s any unusual wear or use to your vehicle and identify what repairs you should make to avoid potential fees. Schedule this complimentary service, as well as any needed repairs, at the Romeoville dealership well before the end of your lease term.

Preparing for Your Vehicle for Lease-End

After arranging a return date with your Chevrolet dealership, give your vehicle a thorough cleaning and retrieve personal items from the storage compartments. You should also clear the navigation system of all saved addresses, erase programmable garage door codes, and delete all saved phone numbers. Then make sure the following equipment is present in the vehicle:

  • All keys and key fobs
  • Owner’s manual
  • Entertainment system headphones
  • Other accessories included in the lease package
  • Original manufacturer wheels at the time of the lease
  • Power charging cables for electric vehicles

Where Do I Return My Vehicle?

Following Chevy lease return policy is easier if you return your vehicle to the same Chevy dealership you leased from. If you’ve moved a significant distance away, you can return your car at any certified Chevrolet dealership. Questions? Contact our finance center for help getting started on the Chevrolet lease return process.

Explore Your Chevrolet lease return Options at Chevrolet Of Naperville

Need assistance with the Chevy lease return policy or trading-in a financed vehicle? Contact us to speak with one of our auto financing experts today!